Online gaming = culture? In collaboration with vihjemedia. com

Culture has primarily to do with lifestyle, and also education. That is why more and more people believe that in today’s modern IT world, computer games should actually be counted as part of the culture, be it a digital version. Young people today have greater practical benefit from what they can learn in front of the screen than by listening to Beethoven’s symphonies or what Plato has written. Times are changing, and we must keep up with developments. We all agree that music and books belong to the culture, and that does not change just because we read an e-book or listen to Spotify? Board games that have existed for thousands of years are also counted as part of our cultural heritage, which applies even if the chess game you are involved in is played online?

Online casino
Man has been engaged in games and betting as both entertainment and pastimes since time immemorial, so that they are part of our culture and way of life should be self-evident.
The first documented casino was created in Italy as early as the 17th century, and was followed by the first version of the Gaming Inspectorate, which was founded in Venice in 1638. The casino was widely spread in Europe in the 19th century, and is thus far from a modern invention. Today, the casino industry has largely moved online, not least in Sweden where, as is well known, the land-based casinos are still closed. An ever-increasing selection with an ever-increasing breadth of games and betting means that many prefer to sit in front of the computer at uudet nettikasinot instead of going to their usual betting agent when they want to put a hundred on the Champions League.

The significance of gambling
No one manages in today’s job market without basic computer skills, and games in particular are often a gateway for the youngest. A six-year-old today often knows more about computers than her grandparents, and is guaranteed to benefit from many of his acquired skills in a future career choice. Cognitive skills are undoubtedly developing, but research also shows that social skills are improved through online gaming, Forbes magazine had an article about this already in 2018. Four out of five Swedes now play computer games, almost half are women today, and the gaming world has been a big factor when it comes to driving technology development forward. Games are now a giant industry, and best-selling games as well as computers and other hardware turn over billions of dollars every year.

A couple of years ago, the Technical Museum had a very interesting exhibition of computer games through the ages, where you could follow the development from the earliest versions that came in the 1970s, to today’s alternative worlds built online with different kinds of different alter egos and avatars . Although the steps may seem small, this development will not slow down, quite the contrary Online gaming is part of our way of life and helps shape our everyday lives, and should therefore be counted as part of our culture.