Operation Kate Bishop Taking AIM is coming to Marvel’s Avengers in December

Aim for AIM with Kate Bishop December 8th!

Then it finally happens! Crystal Dynamics has been working hard since the release of Marvel‘s Avengers (among other things to mash over 1000 bugs) and soon we will finally get new content for Square Enix action role-playing games. The December 8 the game’s first DLC will be available, at no extra cost! Operation Kate Bishop Taking AIM as it is called not only continues the story from the Reassemble campaign, but gives us the titular heroine, a new area, new rewards and a new villain to whip up.

Early in 2021, we will have the next DLC (Operation Hawkeye Future Imperfect) that gives us Hawkeye and the next part of the story that takes us to a dark future! Sometime in 2021, Crystal Dynamics will also release an upgrade for the next generation of consoles that will benefit from the new hardware. But already now can Marvel’s Avengers runs on Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X / S with better performance and charging times!