Oppo presents its latest AR news Air Glass

Oppo is full of new technology and they continue to surprise, this time it is Air Glass that surprises with all the focus on AR.

Oppo has its own day with a focus on innovations that they call Inno Day 2021 and there we get to see a lot of news and maybe upcoming technology that falls into our hands.

One of the news on this day is Air Glass which is a pair of glasses that will be able to show a lot of information thanks to AR technology. Air Glass must, among other things, be able to show directions, translations and other information. Definitely a technology that can be useful if it is compact and actually works.

To navigate in Air Glass, this is done with the help of touch functions in the frames and this should also be possible with gestures and voice control.

In terms of hardware, Air Glass is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 4100, which, among other things, will provide a battery life of three hours. The huge small projector in turn projects on a microLED surface.

Oppo plans to have Air Glass ready for sale as early as the first quarter of 2022, but no price tag has yet been revealed.

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