Otoy releases pre-release version of Octane X – new professional renderer for Mac

When Apple launched the new Mac Pro, several collaborations with developers of various professional programs were also presented. A massive workstation like the Mac Pro is only as useful as the programs you can run on it, and Apple seemed to realize that Adobe was not enough.

Among the companies presented was Otoy, whose 3D renderer Octane Render is more or less an industry standard for fast GPU-based rendering for movies, TV and games. Octane has previously only worked with Cuda and the Mac version can therefore only run on Mac OS 10.13 or earlier and with older graphics cards.

Otoy, together with developers at Apple, has developed a completely new version of the renderer called Octane X and is based on Metal instead of Cuda. Now have a first beta released with support for Mac OS 10.15.6 and AMD Vega and Navi. Mac OS 11 will also include support for Intel and “other GPUs” (read: Apple Silicon).

The Mac version has been optimized for many graphics cards and scales almost linearly even with graphics cards connected externally via thunderbolt, writes Otoy. This means that you could, for example, render with a Mac Mini with four egpu. With the RNDR network rendering engine, you can connect up to 400 graphics cards and your computer up to 56 processor cores and 1.5 terabytes of memory.

The company has also tested the performance on the Mac, and a Mac Pro with Radeon Pro Vega 2 Duo gets the highest rating ever for a computer with a single graphics card in Octanebench: 415 OB. The old record is a PC with Nvidia Titan V that gets 401 OB.

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