Otterbox has released magsafe mount for gaming

Otterbox are known for their accessories in various ways for phones and now it’s time again, a Magsafe mount perfect for Xbox control.

Now, an accessory manufacturer has finally taken advantage of Magsafe in a way that is not just charging the phone.

“Mobile Gaming Clip for MagSafe” is an excellent solution if you own an iPhone 12 and play a lot on your phone and in turn want to connect an Xbox controller to it. In short, you attach your iPhone 12 with the help of Magsafe to this accessory and then you attach this to the hand control.

If you are craving the OtterBox Mobile Gaming Clip for MagSafe, the price tag is 39.95 dollars, if you want the same mount without Magsafe, it is also available and costs 10 dollars less.

OtterBox Mobile Gaming Clip for MagSafe