Our impressions (all fresh) on FIFA 22

Expected for October 1st, FIFA 22 has already begun to unveil, of course, in a trickle, to a certain audience, of which your faithful servant was a part. It will not be a question of revealing everything to you right away, here and now. But since you have to start somewhere, you might as well put on your crampons and enter the field. And, yes, it will be gameplay.

Summer is here, its overwhelming heat too, and football, which has taken a short break for a few weeks (for the national championships) and a few days (for the preliminary rounds of the European Cups and the Olympic Games), is already roaring. the scent of recovery. And if the real is preparing to find the grounds, the virtual is never far away since the next FIFA is already dated. The opportunity for us to be able to take it in hand, before giving you more information on the other important aspect, the content. But first let’s talk about the container and its characteristics.

Kylian Mbapp having already been made official as part of this FIFA 22, it was therefore logical to find it highlighted in the interface, which is the case and rather well thought out, since the superstar of Paris Saint-Germain and the Blues presents himself to us in an animated way, that is to say by celebrating a goal, or by displaying another facial expression of its own. This does not revolutionize the genre since, despite this functionality, the interface is a carbon copy of that of the previous edition … But it still has the merit of bringing life.

HyperMotion to fill up with emotions

Life is a bit the watchword of this FIFA 22 which retains the same thrust as the previous opuses, knowing how to advance the sound atmosphere of a stadium and simply transcribe the atmosphere of a football match. Proof of this is with new pre-match cinematics, with supporters entering the field, players warming up, getting off the bus … so many things already seen elsewhere and in particular with regard to the NBA license. 2K but still have their effect. The novelty is pleasant but the slap is not masterful: FIFA 22 runs with the Frostbite engine, the same as before, and is no better looking than the 21. On the other hand, it benefits from a new technology, the HyperMotion, which has notably enabled the teams in charge of the development of to be able to bring completely new animations to the players, all thanks to a very simple process (but inevitably expensive eh): to capture the movements and the animations not of one or two players but of an entire team.

The rendering is good since the athletes have inevitably different and above all more realistic gestures. Understand by the more decomposed, with more authentic controls, a finer touch on the ball and undesirable gestures, both offensive and defensive. A subtle feast for the eyes, not always visible at first glance, unless you investigate the matches one after the other. The other contribution of these new activities is the overall rhythm of the meetings. This has been revised downwards and would benefit from remaining as it is when the game is finally released. Since the players’ controls are no longer broken down, their activation is just as much and it is clear that this FIFA 22 reminded us, because of this rhythm and in sequences, the best years of its competitor of always, PES. The inertia of the players is important, yes, but not to become unplayable or repulsive: the actors are heavier but not to the point of not being able to enchant certain movements. On the other hand, the choice of a gesture will be more considered from now on, under penalty of losing the ball. And na.

Guardians finally up to the task

Let’s talk about the latter. His physique was reviewed and there too, the shock is there. The strikes and the crosses are less and the shots are much less violent. The rendering is all the same sensitive, we “feel” the ball when we strike but we cannot help being surprised at the end of an action that we would have simply concluded on FIFA 21. The fault also and … finally keepers worthy of the name. Well, because that hasn’t been the case in recent years. The developers warned us: the gatekeepers are imperial in 1 vs 1 and we can confirm it to you: they are very, very strong. Too much ? We were not far from thinking at times but ultimately no: what a pleasure to see almost invincible doormen on their line. The change is radical and if it is maintained – not certain alas – only a good old lulu strike at close range gets the better of them 100%. Okay, we’re exaggerating a bit. Not that, but almost. The guaranteed shooting angles are no longer the same and there is no doubt that the synchronized finish put forward a few years ago should find a second wind. Finally, not content with being better, they also have new animations, making them more spectacular. In short, we gave a little respect to the FIFA goalkeepers … it was time and pleased.

The rest ? Better collisions between the players, especially in the air field, with more contested duels – there too, we “feel” the duel, more than in the previous opus – less parasitic gestures – you know, these good buffering between the players always favorable to the attacker -, a defense that slides better, smarter players in attacking the ball and in the options offered in the heart of the game, in short in life, a little more realistic this time … but without major radical changes. It will always be necessary to privilege the wings to mark against a block having always as much tendency well to tighten – defense assists when you hold us -, always to call certain dribbles and the possibility of “canceling” part of their animations to deceive the opposing vigilance. Construction in the middle of the field can always be sacrificed for a more direct game, admittedly more slowed down by the new features brought by HyperMotion.

New features, more stats, but what about the current-gen?

Forty-eight hours – the playing time that was allotted to us to prove this Bta on Next-Gen consoles – is not enough to form an opinion on FIFA 22, which cannot be in the final state. The “Machine Learning” provided by HyperMotion and the powerful algorithms put in place by the developers of EA to allow the AI ​​to adapt to your playing style was not immediately obvious to us. On the other hand, other additions have shown some potential: pressing 2, which now allows you to know the 2nd player who will come to lend you a hand and the management of the evolution of this feature, which will not be able to trigger there. infinite, under penalty of draining the endurance of your team. We also think of the Explosive Sprint, which can be triggered in attack as well as in defense and which is played on the player’s first acceleration, which should do a lot of damage during the 1 vs 1 phases around the area.

Finally, how to be complete without mentioning the arrival of precise statistics at half-time and at the end of the match, in particular expected goals – a deal brought up to date on the side of TV in particular – a treat always appreciated by purists, also just to be able to put his domination under the nose of his friend, for example. There is still time before October 1 and by then, Ultimate Team, Volta, Club Pro or Career mode will have revealed their first information. By then, EA Sports will still have work to provide and will also have to succeed in a bet: to convince that this FIFA 22 is not a simple polish of the 21 … and without HyperMotion on the previous generation, rallying all consumers to its cause. Not so simple exercise in fact.


The release of a FIFA is always an event and this 2021 creation will not escape the rule, especially since, if it does not revolutionize the graphic progress posted last year, it clearly crosses a milestone in terms of sensations. , realism and authenticity … gestural. What about the overall balance of the game? Developers want to be confident and in the state, many elements plead in their favor. But our feelings only concern a beta version, which has a good chance of evolving between now and the final release. In the right direction ? Answer in a few weeks.