Outriders are delayed until April 1, but the demo comes in February

2021 is here, which means that the eternal game delays are a thing of the past, as developers have had plenty of time to adapt to the now fairly everyday “work from home” reality. Or? Apparently not, then People Can Fly’s and Square Enix pilot shooters Outriders has now been delayed. Again!

In October slipped Outriders from “autumn 2020” to 21 February 2021, and now the game has been delayed again, until Thursday 1 April (yes, for real!). As a patch on the wounds, however, a demo version will be released on February 25, which will let everyone play “the first hours of the game with all four classes, both in single player and co-op, along with seamless migration of your character and your progress to it. complete game ”.

Here’s People Can Fly’s tweet about the new delay of Outriders.