Over half share streaming passwords with others

The security company F-Secure has had Novus investigate the Swedes’ password-sharing habits. More specifically, it is about how many people have shared their login information to streaming services for film, television and music, and also digital newspapers and magazines.

Novus conducted 1,000 web-based interviews with its statistically representative “Sweden Panel”, of which 62 percent chose to participate.

The results show that 53 percent of everyone who subscribes to a video service has shared their passwords, in most cases with relatives and friends. In the group of 18–29-year-olds, 81 percent have shared the password, while the elderly are much less generous.

For other types of services, the results look like this:

  • Music, such as Spotify and Apple Music – 36 percent.
  • Svd, DN and other newspapers – 22 percent.
  • Readly, Ztory and the like – 12 percent.

F-Secure and Novus also asked questions about password management and found that 58 percent of Swedes use the same or similar passwords for many online accounts. Nine percent of respondents use the same password for everything – more than the eight percent who use a password manager. At least some of those who have shared the password for streaming services have therefore also shared the password for e-mail and other important things.

We have long recommended everyone to use password managers, both to save login information securely and to create strong, random passwords for new accounts.