Overwatch 2 development is slow

Overwatch 2, which was presented almost two years ago, we have neither seen nor heard much of and there are good reasons for this.

Blizzard has really had a tough time in recent years and it does not look to get better at the moment. Overwatch 2 was presented at Blizzcon 2019 for the first time, even then Jeff Kaplan who is the director of the game said that they have a lot left of the game and that we should not expect anything too soon.

Now there is information from the streamer Metro from anonymous developers that the project is currently progressing very slowly, the development is not going at the pace that Blizzard had first intended and the reason may depend on a lot. Metro has previously been in contact with the developers so it would not be completely impossible that this is actually true.

“I’ve heard they’re really f ** king slow, and that they’re delaying it. I heard they are really slow at developing it. It does not sound good at all, it sounds like it’s really far off. “

So if we really get an Overwatch 2 at the moment it looks like it’s quite far away. However, we have a Blizzcon to look forward to soon, between 19-20 February it is time for BlizzCon which would actually be held in 2019, maybe we will see and hear more about Overwatch 2 then.