Overwatch Anniversary is here | Varvat

Hooray hooray, hip hip. Overwatch turns five years old and as usual we get the annual event, full of skins and other goodies. To celebrate these five years, we will be able to take part in all game modes offered in previous years, with a daily rotation. Drive a little LĂșcioball one day, spend the next day on snowball fights. Brawls from Winter Wonderland, Halloween Terror, Summer Games, Archives, and Lunar New Year are all back. If you are missing something cosmetic, you have the chance to complete your collection now. Log in to your PC, Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo Switch to enjoy the festivities.

New ways to get rewards

This year, Blizzard has introduced a new way to get rewards. Play 8/18/27 matches in Quick Play, Arcade or Comp to get prizes. Winnings double the rewards.

New cosmetic candy

Legendary skins

  • Black Cat Sombra
  • Funky Baptiste
  • Junkfood Junkrat
  • Venus Moira
  • Gladiator Doomfist

Epic skins

  • Cybermedic Ana
  • Birs of Paradise Echo
  • 8-Ball Wrecking Ball