Ovpn won against the film industry – PC for All

The Swedish VPN service Ovpn was taken to court in June by the Rights Alliance, which hoped to find out who used the IP address that The Pirate Bay was at 08:51:34 on 2 June 2020.

Rättighetsalliansens Sara Lindbäck represented AB Svensk Filmindustri and Nordisk Film A / S in the case, and claimed that Ovpn must have access to customer information because The Pirate Bay had used a fixed IP address which was thus unique to that particular customer.

Ovpn claimed that the company does not have access to the data at all because it does not log any use and the information about which user uses a certain fixed IP address is only stored for as long as it is used. The backup made of that information is deleted shortly after a certain customer stops using a certain address. This means that Ovpn cannot know who used a certain IP address on an earlier occasion, only who is using it right now.

Stockholm District Court followed Ovpn’s line. The Rights Alliance has not presented evidence that could prove that Ovpn has the requested information. The rights alliance must pay Ovpn’s legal costs of SEK 108,000, but can appeal to the Patent and Market Court of Appeal.

Ovpn has published the entire judgment.