OWC launches monster-ssd for Mac Pro – up to 64 terabytes

Mac Pro is one of the few remaining computers with an Intel processor from Apple, and is expected to be the last to completely switch to Apple Silicon. This is mainly because it is so extremely expandable. With eight PCI Express card slots, users can install everything, including large amounts of fast internal storage.

The latter is now easier than ever. OWC has launched Accelsior 8M2, a pci express card with space for eight nvme-based ssds in the m2 format. Such ssds are available with up to 8 terabytes of storage and the card can thus accommodate a total of 64 terabytes.

The eight ssds can be linked together in various raid configurations with OWC’s Softraid software, providing up to 12,000 megabytes per second read and write speeds in Mac Pro.

But the speed could be even higher if Apple releases the rumored update of the computer with Xeon Ice Lake processor. The card supports pci-express 4.0 and in a computer with the newer standard, the maximum speed is 26,000 megabytes per second. By comparison, the already roaring speed of the new Macbook Pro is around 7,000 megabytes per second.

The card itself costs 800 dollars or about 8,500 kronor with Swedish VAT. With 64 terabytes pre-installed, it costs the equivalent of just under SEK 140,000.

Accelsior 8M2 also works with Windows and Linux, so it can already be used with pci-express 4.0.