Paddle presents the first alternative to Apple’s buy-in app

Apple was the main winner when the verdict fell in the high-profile conflict with Epic Games, but at one point the judge found that Epic was right: Apple has no right to prevent developers from forwarding users to external stores.

The company Paddle intends to take advantage of this, and has now presented an alternative to Apple’s buy-in app that developers will be able to use to sell digital products in their iOS apps at a lower price than through Apple.

Paddle charges ten percent of the amount for any amount under ten dollars or the equivalent in local currencies. For larger amounts, the fee is five percent plus 50 cents.

In addition to lower prices, Paddle attracts with the opportunity to communicate directly with customers via e-mail and thus to be able to help with payment problems, repurchases. Subscriptions can be paused, prices are set freely including different prices in different regions, and developers can offer discount codes.

Epic has appealed the verdict and it is not certain that the higher court will judge the same on this point. Paddle is apparently ready to put Apple to the test and will launch the new service on December 7, the same day as the ruling’s deadline for Apple to start allowing references to external payment systems expires. It remains to be seen if any app developers dare to do the same.