Parallels Desktop 16 released – MacWorld

Now Corel-owned Parallels has launched version 16 of its Mac virtualization program, Parallels Desktop. It usually happens around this time each year before the launch of a new version of Mac OS, and as usual, the developers have put a lot of time into making sure that the program works fully in the new system.

This time, it required an unusual amount of work because Big Sur has made major changes to how third-party developers can work with the Mac OS kernel. Previously, it was relatively easy to develop a so-called kernel extension that works directly in the kernel, but with Big Sur, Apple has made it very difficult for users to install such.

Apple has instead developed a technology called system extensions and has built a so-called hypervisor into Mac OS, which Parallels now uses to run its virtual machines. This means that you do not have to restart your Mac to install Parallels Desktop 16 or complete the admin release to update the program, and that the computer becomes more stable.

For the first time, Parallels has also managed to get graphics card acceleration in virtual Mac OS machines. This only applies to Big Sur virtually on a Mac that runs Big Sur itself. Directx 11 and Opengl 3 have also been improved so that more programs and games work.

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