Path of Exile 2 will probably be delayed until 2022

2019 was announced Path of Exile 2, a “semi-sequel” in Overwatch 2-style. This summer, the planned beta test was delayed until 2021, and now it seems that the full version of the game will be delayed until 2022, based on a phone call between Grinding Gear Games and our international colleagues.

Studio manager Chris Wilson says the current pandemic has made it difficult for the New Zealand studio to hire international staff, which has slowed the pace of development. The goal is still to make as much progress as possible in 2021, but when Chris Wilson is specifically asked whether Path of Exile 2– the launch may be delayed until 2022, he simply answers “yes, I think it’s true”.

Meanwhile, get Path of Exile-fans engage in the original game instead, whose somewhat delayed expansion Echoes of the Atlas will be released in exactly one week, on Friday 15 January. Among the promised content, we find new endgame environments, including new bosses that give us a taste of the sequel’s aesthetic focus.

Here is a new trailer for Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas.