Path of Exile has broken a new player record after the new expansion

Path of Exile 2 may delay until 2022, but what does it do when its predecessor still attracts players in droves? The fact is that Path of Exile right now is more popular than ever, then we via SteamDB has been noticed that over 157,000 players were logged in at the same time two days ago, on 15 January.

This is of course no coincidence as the new expansion Echoes of the Atlas was just released on January 15th. In addition, the actual number of players is significantly higher than what the Steam figures claim then Path of Exile is also available as a stand-alone client, directly from the developers Grinding Gear Games. Because a large part of Echoes of the Atlas the focus is on endgame material (like our international colleagues) describes as an “extensive interdimensional fight club”), we assume that the veteran players are extra happy.

Here is a trailer for Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas.