Photographer fixes Monterey’s missing dynamic background photo

From OS X Mavericks, each version of Mac OS has had a new desktop image in the form of a photo from the site the system was named from – until Monterey, which has only an abstract image based on the underwater ravine beneath the surface of Monterey Bay.

Photographer Andrew Levitt and his friends could not stand this. In recent years, they have recreated Apple’s various background photos, including a drone to capture a similar angle as in the official image in Mac OS Catalina.

Since Apple has not provided the system with a background photo, Andrew Levitt had to test different angles to try to find one that fits among the other Mac OS backgrounds from previous years, which was easier said than done as Monterey mainly consists of buildings.

In the end, the group found a lookout point with an undisturbed view of the bay and the sea, and a dramatic cliff with a lone pine as the main motif. Because the backgrounds in recent years have been dynamic and follow the time of day with the user, Andrew Levitt spent a day on site to capture all the included images.

You can get the result from his website, either as a dynamic wallpaper or a single photo taken just before sunset.