Pictures show what Apple’s Airpower looked like on the inside

Update (2020-08-23):

Pictures show what Apple’s Airpower looked like on the inside

The well-known technology leak Mr-white has published a number of photos on his Twitter account (@laobaiTD) which are said to represent the inside of Apple’s charging power Airpower.

The design is reminiscent of a waffle iron, which may explain why Apple had such major overheating problems that the product was not released to the public.

In this context, it can be mentioned that it is rumored that a new model of Airpower is under development, something you can read more about below. However, the pictures published by Jon Prosser in June have turned out to belong to another manufacturer.

Analysis: Charge flop: That’s why Apple failed with Airpower

A final announcement about the launch will hopefully come in connection with Apple’s Iphone event in September / October.

Update (2020-06-19):

Tasks: Airpower can be launched in a few months

The well-informed technology leaker Jon Prosser has published two photos on its Twitter account that are said to represent a new prototype of Airpower, Apple’s accident-prone charging mat that was presented as early as 2017.

According to Prosser, it is now possible to use Airpower with Apple Watch, which means that there are no longer any obstacles to launching the product officially. The overheating problem must also have been overcome before.

Prosser expects a launch during the fourth quarter of 2020 or the first quarter of 2021. The price tag is said to be $ 250, so expect it to cost just over SEK 3,000 in Sweden.

Previously (2020-04-12):

Reputation: Apple continues to develop Airpower – now with A11 processor

The Airpower charging plate has long been dead and buried – or? A new rumor surfaced over the Easter weekend claiming that Apple continues to develop a new version of Airpower, this time equipped with an A11 processor that will help manage the heat development in the charging pad. Excessive heat generation is believed to be one of the reasons why Airpower was never launched.

The information comes from the Twitter profile Jon Prosser who writes that Apple engineers who, while working from home, have received prototypes of a device called the C68 sent to their homes. They are urged to develop “communication between devices for a ‘future product’ that has an A11 chip on the inside to ‘dynamically manage heat'”.

This is believed to be a new version of Airpower. Even other sources, including Ming-Chi Kuo, have previously claimed that Apple has a new Airpower in the works, so all the way up the walls is still not this rumor.

Earlier (2019-03-30):

Airpower has been shut down

In September 2017, Apple unveiled the Iphone X, Airpods and an upcoming new product called Airpower that would make it easy to charge the iPhone, Apple Watch and headphones.

Airpower, as it was called, was to be released in 2018 but the year came and went without any launch and rumors have spoken of major problems for Apple to get to it, with complications in the manufacturing process. A rumor said, among other things, that Apple could not reduce the size of the charging circuits enough to fit in the shape that Airpower would have.

Photo: Apple

After some previous rumors that Apple had given up, some signs in recent weeks began to indicate that it might still be ready and soon to be launched. As recently as a few days ago, an Airpower icon was added to the new Airpods packaging.

But on Friday night, Apple’s hardware manager Dan Riccio sent an email to, among other things Techcrunch, where he announced that the development of Airpower has been suspended and the product discontinued. Apple has not managed to reach its high quality standard.

– We apologize to the customers who have been looking forward to this launch. We continue to believe in a wireless future and will continue to work to develop the wireless experience, Dan Riccio writes in the email.

This is Airpower

The Airpower wireless charging tablet was presented at Apple’s Iphone-event 2017, the same year that the Iphone received wireless charging for the first time. With this we could charge both a newer Iphone, later models of Apple Watch and Airpods, together with a wireless charging cover as promised.

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Why does Airpower never show up?

In September 2018, one year after the product was first shown, information came in that real technical problems made the product doomed. Order was Sonny Dicksons, a person who frequently leaked Apple information in the past. He claimed that the problems with Airpower were these:

  • Heat generation – the test specimens become too hot and reduce the effect on the charge.
  • Bugs in the communication between the devices – difficulties in getting Apple Watch and Airpods to send the correct amount of charge to Iphone.
  • Problems getting the charge coils to work together without disturbing each other too much. The between 21 and 24 charging poles that allow products to be placed anywhere on the plate have proven to be extremely difficult to assemble.

Why Airpower?

If Airpower is at all worth the wait, we leave it unsaid, but the idea behind Airpower is good – a wireless charging tablet where we can charge up to three gadgets at the same time, and without having to worry about putting the products just right on a tight area. Instead, we can put them anywhere on the plate. This very idea seems to be exactly what causes problems, the many charging poles are difficult to get to work together.

If an Iphone is placed on the tablet, the Iphone screen can also show the charging status of the other gadgets on the tablet – smart, especially as Airpods do not have their own screen.

Alternative Airpower
Exelium Xpad 3.1, an alternative to Airpower.

We have more and more gadgets to be charged every day or night, where not least Airpods and Apple Watch have been added in recent years for many users. For those who have a lot of Apple stuff, Airpower would be an interesting alternative – if it were available for purchase. For those who can not wait, there is alternative which are not as futuristic, but at least already work today.

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