Ping quarrel resulted in delayed match and fine – Valorant

During last weekend’s Valorant matches (March 12) in the VCT Masters, there was a notable violation of the regulations. Problems arose when the team 100 Thieves were dissatisfied with the ping on the assigned match server before the clash against Immortals. The team’s coach, “Frost”, started a conversation with the organizers to find a new server that gave the players better conditions.

The dissatisfaction and the subsequent exchange of words got the start of the match really postponed. According to the game’s creator, Riot Games, the coach behaved unprofessionally towards the tournament referees and contributed to the delay. “Frost” is also said to have threatened to use the players’ influence and social media against the tournament and the creators.

However, he did not have much for that. Riot Games went out with the verdict earlier this week. 5,000 dollars, about 43,000 Swedish kronor, in fines for 100 Thieves and monitoring of the coach during the remaining competitions in 2021. In response to this, 100 Thieves has posted a tweet where they do not agree with the decisions against their coach and that it all has received too much attention.

Matches? It was easily won by 100 Thieves after the noted delay.