Pixel 4a – here’s Google’s new budget mobile

Now Google has launched Pixel 4a, a replacement for last year’s success Pixel 3a. The phone would most likely have been launched at the I / O conference in May, but due to covid-19, Google was forced to launch it.

Pixel 4a, like its predecessor, is a budget phone with a starting price in the US of $ 350, and thus competes directly with the new Iphone SE and Oneplus Nord.

The design has been simplified and the Pixel 4a has a smooth solid-colored polycarbonate back with a fingerprint reader a bit up in the middle. An interesting detail is that Google has chosen the same rounded square camera elevation as on the Pixel 4, even though the Pixel 4a only has one camera.

The camera shares specifications with Pixel 4’s main camera: aperture of f / 1.7, 77 degree field of view and 12.2 million 1.4 micrometer pixels, with optical and electronic image stabilization. The selfie camera has been placed in a peephole in the upper left of the screen.

Pixel 4a has a 5.81 inch large OLED screen with 1080×2340 pixels. On the top of the phone you will find a headphone jack, while the underside has a USB-C connector for charging the 3,140 mAh battery (no wireless charge has been baked in).

The processor is a Snapdragon 730G with 6 GB of memory and a Titan M security module. At launch, it runs Android 10, but Google promises three years of system updates.

Unfortunately, Google still does not seem to have any plans to launch its phones more globally, and Swedes who want the Pixel 4a will be forced to buy it via Germany or another major EU country.