Play Cyber ​​Protocol and win $ 1,000

Cyber ​​Protocol is an “insanely difficult arcade puzzle game” and the “most difficult game in the world” according to the developers at RedDeerGames themselves. It is the studio’s first game and was released on the Nintendo Switch almost a year ago and on the Xbox One this summer. When Cyber ​​Protocol now take the step over to PC on September 17 this year, they do it with a slightly special campaign.

In the past, gaming giants like that SEGA get to pay prize money to talented players who took the highest points. This is documented in, among other things Netflix: s series High Score. Inspired by this new documentary series, RedDeerGames has now decided to hold a similar competition. The prize pool is $ 1,000. To win these, you must be number one on the top list in GLOBAL TOP20 mode on December 31 this year. More detailed information will come after the release date, but they have promised a couple of weeks of training before the campaign starts in earnest.

According to the developers, just under 0.7% of players on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch have passed every single one of the game’s 100 handmade tracks. Now it remains to be seen how the PC players will take up the challenge.

Want to see more about Cyber ​​Protocol is the game’s Steam page here. The newest trailer is as usual in the header.