Playstation 5 finally gets support for external hard drive

Playstation 5 external storage

Then it was time for Playstation 5 to get its first major update which, among other things, provides support for external hard drives, however, there are many disadvantages.

Playstation 5 has far from enough storage space, in total we have 660GB to work with, which is far from enough. External hard drive is a solution because the existing M.2 slot is not available at present.

But even though we have the option to install an external hard drive for Playstation 5, there are some restrictions to keep in mind. Among other things, we will only be able to play PS4 games and that the hard disk you install must have a transfer speed of over 5Gbps.

If you want to read more about external hard drive for PS5, you do it easiest here.

As for the M.2 slot that the Playstation 5 actually has is still unlocking but this is something that will happen in the future as it looks now according to Sony, many may be aiming for the summer, but it remains to be seen see.

Other nice news in this great Playstation 5 update is Share Play which is now from PS5 to PS4 and that the Game Base tab has been lifted. Here you can read everything new that comes with this update.