Playstation 5 vs Xbox Series X – performance, games and hardware

After a different spring and summer where major gaming events were completely absent, Sony and Microsoft have instead chosen to let us know details about their next gaming consoles sporadically. Although we do not know exactly everything yet, we have listed the details that have so far been provided by each company and also the most credible rumors.

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It also seems that the two giants are not quite ready yet, when Microsoft announced that they will hold a broadcast on July 23 where even more games will be unveiled. Sony is also rumored to be planning a show of more titles in connection with the competitor’s upcoming event.


Both Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X are powered by dedicated AMD Zen 2 processors with eight cores each. The clock speed of these is 3.8 Ghz for Xbox Series X and 3.5 for Playstation 5. As for gpu, there are slightly larger differences where Sony’s console is at 10.3 teraflop and Microsoft’s at 12.0.

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Both consoles have 16 gb gddr6 in graphics memory as well as specially made ssd memories for storage, where Sony offers 825 GB and Microsoft 1 TB. The space we are given for our games is relatively small in size, given how large many of today’s games are. Red Dead Redemption 2, Final Fantasy XV and Gears of War 4 are just a few examples of this.

Xbox Series X
Photo: Microsoft

Fortunately, like the Playstation 4 and Xbox One, we can expand the memory ourselves by purchasing an external hard drive. Playstation 5 owners will be able to use specific NVMe disks available on the market. Microsoft has in turn confirmed that Series X uses proprietary memory modules that are exclusive to their new consoles.

Both Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X promise resolutions up to 8K and frame rates up to 120 frames per second. Playstation 5 (the sled version) and Xbox Series X are both equipped with a 4K UHD Blu-ray.


Playstation 5 will be launched in two different versions from day one. The big difference between these is that one lacks a disk reader and is thus completely digital. This is not a new feature for Sony, as they previously released the PSP Go console, a variant of the portable PSP console that lacked the ability to read UMD discs. Buyers of the all-digital Playstation 5 console can, just like with PSP Go, stick to buying games directly from the Playstation Store.

Playstation 5 and Playstation 5 All digital edition

Microsoft, on the other hand, has only presented one version of its Series X console. However, there are indications (including patents) that they are also planning a cheaper variant of the new console, which has been dubbed “Series S” by the network.

The cheaper console is rumored to have similar specifications as its model, but with a graphics card of 4 teraflops (instead of the 12 teraflops that are in Series X). If an “Xbox Series S” exists, it will most likely be unveiled on July 23.

Xbox Series X

In terms of design, neither the Xbox Series X nor the two versions of the Playstation 5 are particularly conventional. Microsoft’s new console is designed as a rectangular base box, or alternatively a desktop PC case. The elongated shape is made to stand next to TVs, but also works just as well when lying down.

Playstation 5, in turn, is more sophisticated in its appearance. The console can almost be described as an elongated and rectangular unit with round edges, surrounded by a white shell like a taco. The version with disc reader is naturally more bulging, but otherwise both variants of Playstation 5 are similar. So far, we do not know if Sony is also planning a black edition, which has been standard for the company’s consoles since Playstation 2.

Controls and accessories

The control for the Xbox Series X seems at first glance to be a carbon copy of the one that is standard for the Xbox One today. But if we look closer, we can see a couple of improvements that will make the new control even more pleasant.

The trackpad is now a hybrid between a conventional one and the trackpad that is standard for the Elite controls. Furthermore, the material on the buttons is now matte and the triggers are also tactile.

Xbox Series X Controller

The biggest news, however, is the new split button, a button that is already available at competitors’ controls. For those who do not feel attracted to either extra buttons or the new steering cross, there is good news. The Xbox Series X is compatible with all existing Xbox One controllers and accessories, such as the Elite controller and the Xbox Adaptive Controller.

Where Microsoft traditionally keeps it, Sony has chosen a different path for its new controller. Dual Shock is now a thing of the past, in favor of the new Dual Sense. The control has its similarities with the Dual Shock 4, but the difference is mainly inside the shell.

Dual Sense
Photo: Sony

Dual Sense offers haptic feedback. This means that we can now feel, for example, the feeling of driving through mud in a racing game. The L and R buttons are also adaptive and are intended to recreate the feeling of accelerating with cars or tightening bows.

Dual Sense is also equipped with a microphone. So we do not necessarily need to use headsets to participate in voice chat. It is still not known if we will be able to use our old Dual Shock 4 controllers on Playstation 5, but considering that other accessories are compatible, it is not an impossibility.

Playstation VR

One of these accessories is the current Playstation VR device, which according to Sony should be compatible with the new console. There are also patents that prove that a new version of the vr headset and dedicated controls are under development.

Exclusive games

Sony recently unveiled a number of upcoming games for Playstation 5. These include a new version of the Playstation 4 hit Spider-Man, subtitled Miles Morales. Other upcoming titles to look forward to are Horizon 2: Forbidden West, Gran Turismo 7, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and Sackboy: A Big Adventure.

Horizon 2

Microsoft has a different approach to its own games and will launch all of its upcoming titles on its own services. This means that big games like Halo Infinite will be available on Xbox Series X as well as older Xbox One consoles and Windows.

Hellblade 2

This also applies to the upcoming Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 and other ongoing projects from Microsoft Game Studios. It is worth noting that Microsoft has announced that they will unveil even more Series X games during a screening on July 24, 2020.

backward Compatibility

Being able to play older games on their brand new console is something that many people demand. Here, both companies have different solutions for their respective older titles. Sony has announced that Playstation 5 will be able to play the most popular Playstation 4 games, through patches.

Previously, there were indications that the company was investigating the possibility of also being able to offer games from older Playstation generations, but this is not something Sony has announced or commented on officially.

Xbox backwards compability

Xbox Series X is compatible with all Xbox One titles. In addition, the Xbox and Xbox 360 games that have been redesigned to work on Xbox One also work. It is not known if Microsoft has plans to convert even more games from the older generations, other than that they plan to update existing titles to take advantage of Series X.


Both Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X are expected to be launched towards the end of 2020. What the game consoles will cost then is so far shrouded in obscurity.

The article is continuously updated when we have more information.