Playstation 5 will be released in 2020 – all about Sony’s new console

There are indeed strong “next generation” winds on the web and one of the hottest snack icers is what Sony is cooking up for Playstation 5, the sequel to their hugely popular Playstation 4.

Confirmed: Then the Playstation 5 is released

Many have been excitedly waiting for a launch date – now it has finally arrived. Sony writes in one blogs the Playstation 5 will be launched just before the Christmas shopping 2020. In the same vein, you confirm that the name is just Playstation 5 and nothing else. Only a year left to wait, that is!

As early as 2017, Sony confirmed that the PS5 was on the move, but it was not until April 2019 that the company seriously presented more concrete details about the PS5. Below we gather the most credible rumors and speculations about the next Sony console.

Playstation 5 overview

Playstation 5
Leaked image purported to be a development kit for Playstation 5. Not confirmed by Sony itself.

PS5 – technical specifications

On March 18, Sony gave a more detailed presentation of the hardware that will be used by the Playstation 5. The console will have an in-house AMD Zen 2 CPU with eight physical cores and 16 wires and be able to deliver a variable frequency up to 3.5 GHz. This can be compared to the Playstation 4 which has 1.6 Ghz.

The GPU is at 10.28 teraflops, 36 CU and with a variable frequency up to 2.33Ghz. Again, it is comparable to the Playstation 4 which has 1.84 teraflops and 18 CU up to 800 Mhz for the Playstation 4. The GPU architecture is a custom built RDNA 2

By “variable frequency” is simply explained that both cpu and gpu adjust the frequency depending on what activity the console performs. Which, among other things, allows the remaining CPU to be sent over the GPU to get a little more performance. The GPU is thus smaller than Xbox Series X seen in terms of the number of teraflops but flexible and variable in a way that the figures cannot be purely stated.

The memory is 16 GB gddr6 / 256 bit with a bandwidth of 448 GB / s and the storage is a custom built super fast 825 GB ssd that can be expanded through an NVMe ssd slot. The record player is a 4k UHD Blu-ray player.

If you want a deep dive into the hardware and the design philosophy behind it, you can see Mark Cerny’s full presentation below:

Games for the new Playstation

So far, not a single game has been announced for Playstation 5. Given that Sony chose not to attend this year’s E3 trade show, we can assume that their various studios are working fully on new experiences for the new console. There are also indications that upcoming big games planned for Playstation 4, such as Death Stranding and Ghost of Tsushima, are also slated to be released in Playstation 5 versions.

Play Playstation 5
The samurai adventure Ghost of Tsushima for Playstation 4 may be one of the games that also gets a Playstation 5 version.

One rumor that is thriving wildly online is that the next generation Grand Theft Auto will be released in conjunction with the new console. If that is true or not, hopefully we will find out the closer we get to a launch date for Playstation 5.

If you already have a huge library of Playstation games, you don’t have to start all over again with PS5. Unlike the jump between Playstation 3 and 4, you will have the opportunity to play your old games on that Playstation 5, thanks to backward compatibility. A while ago also leaked a patent that in theory can also add compatibility with the remaining Playstation generations. However, this has not been confirmed by Sony itself.

However, it has been unclear exactly how much backward compatibility this is about. This in conjunction with the console architect Mark Cerny mentioned during a presentation that the console will support almost all of the hundred most popular Playstation 4 games.

Sony has since said that “we think the overwhelming majority of the over 4,000 games for Playstation 4 will go on Playstation 5.”

So what titles that may be omitted remain to be seen. However, Sony has the hope that some of the older games will be able to run in more stable image updates and better resolution.

Other features

Streaming through the cloud is nothing new for Sony as they already offer the Playstation Now service. At present, the only way to play Playstation 3 titles on a Playstation 4. For the coming generation, other players, such as Google and Microsoft, have shown their own efforts and Sony doesn’t want to be any worse.

The interesting thing in this context is that they still chose to cooperate with the main competitor Microsoft for the future. Together, the companies will “explore future solutions within the Microsoft Azure system that will benefit the respective companies’ own bets over the cloud”.

For those who already own one Playstation VR Sony has also announced that the device is fully compatible with Playstation 5. Further details on what benefits it offers are missing, but expect increased performance in the games. There are no plans for a brand new version of Playstation VR at this time.

Sony can work on its own voice-guided AI assistant to their Playstation consoles. This according to a new one patent discovered by Twitter user Daniel Ahmad.

According to Daniel Ahmad’s tweet, the AI ​​assistant Playstation Assist should be able to answer questions from the player to provide help with the game. For example, you may ask “where is the nearest health pack” and the assistant will point it out on the game’s map.

Sony itself has not commented on speculation about Playstation Assist.

Dual Ensenada

New hand controls for PS 5 – Dualsense

A new generation gaming console obviously requires a new hand control, and now it has Sony revealed how to control the Playstation 5 handset.

For the first time since Sony released the Dualshock controller as a standalone accessory to the original Playstation, the controller has changed its name. The PS5 accessory is called Dualsense.

The basic design is maintained, with the dual analog levers closest to the thumbs, and the Playstation’s familiar button layout. The shape has been slightly adjusted and the most obvious difference is contrasting colors (dark gray and white) – but the big news is on the inside.

The name “sense” comes from the hand control has haptic feedback, which game developers can use to, for example, convey the feeling of driving through clay, Sony writes. The shutter buttons L2 and R2 also have variable “resilience” so that you can feel how to tension a car arch or similar.

Sony has also built in microphones in the handset so that players who do not have headsets can still be in the voice chat.

Horizon Zero Dawn PS5
Photo: SonyTying bows will never be the same again. Here in Horizon: Zero Dawn, the 2017 success game.

The other news is something Sony calls “adaptive trigger”. It’s about the L2 / R2 buttons, which game developers should be able to adjust the sensitivity to to create credible scenarios around things like gas with cars or bows. Combined with the haptic feedback, Sony promises a whole new experience when it comes to the handheld controls.

Playstation 5 Pro

Instead of waiting a year or two to release an upgraded Pro model of the Playstation 5, Sony will release it from the start as a premium alternative to the regular Playstation 5.

Japanese journalist Zenji Nishikawa claims that Sony executives have seen a strong interest among players for a top-notch model and want to give customers “what they want” right from the start, writes Wccftech.

Unfortunately, Zenji Nishikawa has no information on how the hardware in the Pro model can differ from the usual one. We can expect more storage space, but if there is also faster processor / graphics card or something else to see.

And with the PS5 date confirmed, it’s set for a classic console battle. Microsoft Xbox Project Scarlett aims at the same launch window, which is why we go to an extremely interesting and game-intensive period to meet in just over a year.

Price and launch

Playstation 5 can get expensive. Sony is currently struggling with pricing for the console, which is expected to cost around $ 450 just to manufacture reports Bloomberg.

This can be compared to the Playstation 4 which is estimated to have cost around $ 381 to manufacture and $ 399 when released in stores in the US in November 2013.

Gaming companies often sell consoles for low or no profits and instead earn money from software sales and online services. The amount of units sold is therefore not as important for a gaming console company as the number of active players.

The reason behind the increased price should be that there is poor access to some hardware parts in the form of DRAM and NAND flash memory, which also several smartphone manufacturers are looking for.

Sony usually determines the console price in February and then manufactures the console in the spring so that it is ready to be released for Christmas. But this time, Sony has pulled out of the process according to Bloomberg sources.

Sony itself has chosen not to comment on the information.

Bloomberg also reports that Sony plans for a limited availability of Playstation 5 consoles in the first year.

The change should not be due to the corona virus, which should have affected the intended marketing but not the production of the console.

Instead, it is very true that the console is expected to have a high price at launch due to the poor availability of some hardware parts. Sony is expected to have between five and six million consoles ready by the end of March 2021, which is comparable to Playstation 4, which sold 7.5 million consoles during its first two quarters.

However, Playstation 5 is still scheduled to be released towards the end of 2020 just as before.

No PS5 event on June 4th

On Thursday, June 4, it was intended that Sony would hold a Playstation 5 event, with several games for the upcoming console intended to be shown. According to Sony boss Jim Ryan, the presentation was about games “that PS5 owners play after the Playstation 5 was released to the Christmas store”, which unintentionally got us thinking about premiere titles.

But now the party is set. Sony points out that now is a time for more important voices to be heard. The company is probably referring to them mass protests which takes place across the United States after another case of police brutality has cost George Floyd his life.

Sony has not announced a new date for its presentation, so it will be looking forward.


A photo has leaked from an anonymous developer and shows a Playstation 5 Devkit, the version of the game console that is being sent out to developers so that they can produce games in time for the launch of Playstation 5 towards the end of 2020.

The design of it corresponds to previously leaked illustrations from registrations in Brazil and Japan, writes Gizmodo. The illustrations have attracted many speculations about the strange V-shape, and the new photo confirms it.

An anonymous developer has advised Gizmodo that Sony released these developer versions this summer and that they have the code name Prospero. Earlier leaks from AMD have claimed that Ariel and Gonzalo are code names on chips that are being developed for the console. All three names come from Shakespeare’s Storm.

Tom Warren at The Verge writes that the V-shape of the developer version is partly to make it easy to place multiple consoles in a stack and partly to improve cooling.