Playstation 5 will only be sold online according to Sony

Playstation 5

Sony has now announced that it will only be possible to buy Playstation 5 online, so no borrowing queues and camping outside stores.

On November 19, as most people know, it’s time for the Playstation 5 to be launched and now Sony has announced that we will only be able to buy the console online. It will therefore not be possible to buy the console in a store as it looks now for the rest of the year.

The reason is that Sony wants to largely prevent the spread of the corona virus by getting people not to camp outside stores or gather in large groups to buy the console.

Sony says that they see what it looks like now we will only be able to buy Playstation 5 online, but would guess that it will pull it out until the spring as well, however the consoles are out all over the country and many will come in to get new consoles before the end in February – early March.