PlayStation makes massive progress on sustainability in Earth Day update

Earth Day PlayStation PS5 1
Image: Sony

Sony, like many major companies, strives to reduce the environmental impact of its products. Now, after the consequences of this year Earth day, the organization has provided an update on its progress. Unsurprisingly, the firm has a long way to go to achieve its goal of having a zero environmental footprint by 2050, but it’s taking the right steps to get there.

According to a new Publication of the corporate blog of SIEthe PlayStation division offset carbon emissions equivalent to 100 million hours of average console electricity use during gameplay in 2021. This is due to energy efficiency improvements built into PS5 and PS4, including more efficient chipsets and low-power sleep modes: a welcome change. , so!

Of course, that’s not all the company is doing. You may recall that with the launch of Horizon Forbidden West, the company used the game to raise awareness of climate change and “invested in planting over half a million trees with select partners and organizations.” If you recall, the company embarked on a reforestation effort in Wisconsin, promising a real-life tree for every player who reached the Daunt in the game.

There are other important things that the organization has been doing. As he prepares to launch ps plus premium with cloud streaming, it has been working with its data centers to help them transition to renewable energy wherever possible. As of 2020, about 78 percent of the electricity used to stream PlayStation games with ps now It has come from renewable sources. Meanwhile, the company’s headquarters in Europe and the US already use 100 percent renewable energy, while its headquarters in Japan will follow suit later this year.

And, starting last year, the company began using recyclable plastic in its game boxes, with about 10 percent of its plastic coming from post-industrial waste. You can read more about what PlayStation has been up to through herebut the message is clear throughout: great progress with much more work to do.