Playstation Plus games in December confirmed

Playstation Plus December

In December, it first looks like offering really good games, but Sony has for some reason modified Godfall this time.

It’s time for some new games for all Playstation Plus subscribers and this time it’s clearly full focus on action games.

The games included this time are:

  • Godfall Challenger Edition
  • Lego DC Super Villains
  • Mortal Shell

Godfall is the game that is the disappointment, instead of us having to play through the whole of Godfall, Sony has developed a “special version” of the game they call Challenger Edition, which means that you have to start as maximum level, a lot of points and the best the weapons and that you only get endgame, so you can not play through the whole Godfall that many had hoped for.

If you are in to play VR, there are also three VR titles that are:

  • The Persistence
  • The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners
  • Until You Fall

In any case, these three titles will be available from 7 December.