Playstation Plus games in December confirmed

Sony has also now revealed what will be the last Playstation Plus game of the year, which this time is three games and some really fun. These will really rumble your chair.

Sony may have thought a bit this time where we get a game that can be a really fun board game, Worms Rumble which should be a new experience with the Worms characters. It may not be Worms as we know it but definitely fun and entertaining.

Just Cause 4 we get to follow the character Rico Rodriguez who is involved in a lot and gives us an action-packed game. A game that had problems with bugs and performance but which has probably been fixed now.

The last game is Rocket Arena from EA where you play in two teams with three players per team where we will shoot rockets and the like at each other, competition in focus this time.

All three games will be available to all Playstation Plus subscribers on December 1st.