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Playstation showcases exciting new games

Playstation showcases exciting new games

Yesterday was held #PlaystationShowcase where the Japanese giant showed off its slate with planned big games that are underway to the format. Undoubtedly there is a lot of excitement to look forward to! However, it was worse with concrete dates on when we can expect everything (much in 2022 and onwards).

We select some of the highlights below.

One of the biggest (and most crowd-pleasing) surprises was that fan-favorite Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic gets new life as a remake (time-exclusive on PS5). By many classified as the best Star Wars game of all time, KOTOR can be a great thing because it has been 20 years and extremely much has happened on the technology front. Since the game is “under development” among others by Lucasfilm Games who made the original, it is unclear when it may come, but we would guess late next year.

Incomparable Insomniac Games (now a Sony studio) has two Marvel projects underway. One is a given sequel to Spider-Man (2018’s best game? We probably think so!). Spider-man 2 comes in 2023 and got a reveal trailer that shows real-time rendering on PS5 (sickly impressive!) and that Venom makes guest appearances. They also have a game based on Wolverine