Pokémon Go players in revolt against Niantic’s changes

Over 15,000 people have signed one name collection on Change.org asking Niantic to rethink the changes to Pokémon Go made this week.

At the same time, a large number of Youtube channels shared one mail with the same message, and thousands of players shared links to or pictures of the letter with the hashtag #hearusniantic. Including Forbes and The Guardian has written about the call.

The player revolt is about a single change in the game. Last spring, when the pandemic started, Niantic made several changes to make Pokémon Go safer to play when players are not allowed to move outdoors at all. One of these changes was to maximize the distance from an attraction (“pokéstop” or “gym”) in order to interact with it.

In June this year, the company announced that the game will begin to return to how it was before, and now this week, among other things, this very increased distance was removed. The players behind the letter believe that the increased distance has led to several improvements that should be made permanent, among other things, the game has become safer (players do not have to cross busy roads to interact with an attraction) and more accessible to players with various disabilities.

Niantic has responded during the night a letter to the players, and writes that they have heard the feedback clearly and distinctly. The company immediately starts a working group that will develop proposals on how higher distances can be combined with Niantic’s goal of getting players to go out and move in real life. The results will be presented on 1 September.