Pokémon Movie: Jungle Secrets Comes to Netflix!

A lot is happening on the anime front when it comes to Pokemon right now. In addition to what was previously revealed Pokémon Evolutions a movie will also be launched on Netflix on October 8! It is nothing less than The Pokémon Movie: The Secrets of the Jungle!

To celebrate the film’s release on Netflix, Pokémon players will have the opportunity to receive the rare Pokémon Dada Zarude and Shiny Celebi. You do this when you sign up for newsletters from The Pokémon Trainer Club before September 25th. You then receive two codes sent to you that can be redeemed inside Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield.

Fans can also look forward to a crossover with Pokémon GO to celebrate the global premiere of “The Pokémon Movie: The Secrets of the Jungle”On Netflix. More information will appear about this, but until then, fans can stick to info about the film that you can read on it official websiten and also check out the nice trailer below!

In the trailer we can hear the songs “Always Safe” and “No Matter What”, two newly written songs by the artist Cyn that have been produced especially for the film. They are also available on popular streaming services right now.

The Pokémon movie: The Secret of the Jungle is about a group of mysterious Zarude Pokémon who live deep in the Okoya forest. They have strict rules and do not allow strangers to enter their territory.

The boy Koko lives in another place in the jungle. He was raised by a lone Zarude who left the main group. Throughout his upbringing, Koko has never doubted that he is a Zarude… until Ash and Pikachu show up!

This makes Koko start asking questions about himself and his surroundings. Is he really a Pokémon? Or is he really a human being? Dangers arise when an expedition humans find the jungle and threaten it and the ties between Pokémon and humans – and the ties between parent and child – are put to the test.

I think two free Pokémon are really good and if you have Netflix, the movie night is saved on October 8 – I personally hope to see these the fools again.