Pokémon Unite – new MOBA for Switch and mobile devices

We were probably expecting a new role-playing adventure when The Pokémon Company went online earlier today to announce a new project they are working on. No one expected a MOBA. No one expected Pokémon Unite. The game was developed by Timi (a studio under Tencent) and in collaboration with The Pokémon Company to take advantage of Tencent’s expertise in the genre.

Pokémon Unite is a strategic battle game that takes place in an arena, popularly called MOBA. Gamers familiar with League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm and DotA knows exactly which game Pokémon Unite is. Two teams of five players compete to catch and collect wild pokémon along the roads to win points on the map and finally the game. The pokémon players choose can rise in level, learn different moves and evolve – but they have no type-overtaking but rather peculiar characteristics.

If the Pokémon Collective wasn’t split enough, the announcement of this game – and not long-awaited remakes – will further divide the fans. Although from a business perspective it can be beneficial to expand into several genres, both the choice of MOBA games and collaboration with Tencent can potentially create wild reactions.

Pokémon Unite should be easily accessible

Pokémon Unite is a free-to-start game which means it is free to download but contains purchase barriers or paid seasons. It will be released on both Nintendo Switch and mobile devices, equally Pokémon Café Mix (which is out today) and allows cross-play between devices.

At present, have Pokémon Unite no release date.