Polish Prime Minister takes the fight (in Tekken 7)

The latest fighter in Tekken 7, Poland’s fictional Prime Minister Lidia Sobieska, you can use from today. She will be the last character for the game’s fourth season pass. In the same update you will also find the course Island Paradise. The two can also be purchased separately for just over 60 SEK and 30 SEK respectively.

For the players who play Tekken for its rich background story, here is one for Lidia as well. This fighter uses karate as a fighting style and won his first world championship in the sport already at the age of 18. Karate as well as politics has been her interest since childhood. Her father’s passing became a springboard for her political career and she quickly ended up in the middle of Poland’s political arena. When Mishima Zaibatsu’s war affects her homeland, it is therefore not surprising that she takes matters into her own (open) hands.