Possible to install all Iphone apps on the new Macs

Apple’s new Macs with M1 processor can – thanks to Mac OS and iOS sharing so much code and now running on the same processor architecture – run Ipad apps. Developers can choose whether their apps can be installed on Macs, and many have turned off the option.

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In most cases, the apps simply do not work or do not work well and the developers want to spare users from bad experiences.

But a Reddit user has now documented how you can easily bypass this and install just about any iOS app. What you need is the app packaged in an .ipa file, which you can get with, for example, Imazing or Apple Configurator 2. You must first get the app on an iOS device so that it is among your purchased apps.

All you need to do to install is to double-click the .ipa file. If you are not logged in to the same App Store account that you purchased it with, you may need to enter the username and password for that account.

Apart from the fact that many apps crash or work very poorly, there are other problems such as it is not possible to resize the window or use full screen mode with apps that are not made for multitasking on the iPad. We would not be surprised if Apple adds a step in the installation that checks if the developer has allowed the app in question to run on the Mac.