Prepare for Gate – Solstice of Heroes returns to Destiny 2 next week

Nothing booked for the holiday? No worries, Destiny 2 will eat up your time in August.

Bungie to the rescue! Solstice of Heroes is here to sweep away your boredom and give your last days of vacation meaning. Solstice of Heroes is Destiny 2‘s annual summer event that sends newbies and veterans out to enjoy all of the game’s activities in order to put on the game’s coolest armor.

Raiden? Well there you get nothing nice.

Solstice of Heroes starts next week on Tuesday, August 11 at 18:00 and runs until September 8 at the same time.

Fans thus have almost a month to play so that their fingers bleed. The goal is EAZ, a piece of floating land masses in Europe’s rustic post-apocalypse. There, players must kill oncoming enemies, slaughter bosses and then look for chests. If the activity is similar to last year’s three-player activity, you can look forward to a stress- and frustration-filled competition. More on that soon.

More information can be found on the event page. Or on yesterday’s blog post at Bungie.

To start the celebration, talk to Destiny’s own grandmother Eva Levante. She gives you a scabby armor that you then need to repair and strengthen through a variety of activities and goals. Once you have made the armor for Majestic, it will be possible to upgrade it for a whole year. Which means you can use it in future raids and trials in Beyond Light without being underperformed.

In connection with Solstice of Heroes, you will be able to buy fine cosmetic items in the store, including sparrows and ghosts. This year you will also be able to buy a set of ornaments that shine just like the armor – the difference is that the ornaments can be applied to all armor in the future and have a matching color with your active subclass, while the Solstice armor can only shine white (if you upgrade it fully).

Solstice of Heroes range in Eververse.
Items for sale during Solstice of Heroes at Eververse.

Solstice of Heroes – Solstice of Grind rather

Are my words negligent? This may be because my memories of Solstice of Heroes 2019 are full of stress and irritation. This year’s event is probably the same and that makes me spit acid right now.

One of the game mechanical changes during Solstice of Heroes is that every day it rotates an elemental force that when you match the elements of the day makes you produce energy balls for yourself and others. These balls you needed to collect thousands of last year. The balls have no other function than to delay you. Your balls are not made stronger by the balls and they do not act as a currency. You just need to collect them to move on.

In addition to the balls, you need to complete extended tasks such as killing x many enemies and y number of matches in that or that activity. And you need to do it for each piece of armor, five pieces, three times over. And if you want the armor to shine white, you need to make some extra difficult achievements in addition to that. As if you will not be burned out enough!

(Last year you got a throwback sparrow from Destiny 1 if you made all the armor on all classes, for three times as much gate. I hope for god’s sake they have nothing like this this year.)

Solstice of Heroes armor.
Solstice of Heroes armor when fully restored.

What you need to do for the armor to glow white:

  • Complete a Nightfall Ordeal on the Master difficulty.
  • Complete a Nightmare Hunt.
  • Complete Pit of Heresy.
  • Win seven Trials of Osiris matches. (Not on a single Passage)
  • Complete a Tier 5 Altar of Sorrow three times.

If you do not use Altars of Sorrow (I understand you) or Trials of Osiris, you can always cough up money or Bright Dust to buy the ornaments. However, you still need to make the Solstice armor Majestic to be able to buy the ornaments.

Solstice of Heroes Ornament.
Solstice of Heroes Ornament. Not the same as Solstice of Heroes armor.

Disgusting EAZ

The absolute worst thing about Solstice of Heores is that you spend a large part of your time in EAZ, the unique activity for the event. The problem – as with many aspects of Destiny 2 – is that you compete against your teammates. Although EAZ is a collaborative mode, missions force you to step on your friends’ toes to get as much clarified as possible. Do you have a bounty that says you have to kill a certain enemy – then you have to put hooks on your friend so he does not kill the enemy first.

In EAZ, at the end, look for as many chests as possible to get as much progress as possible on your Solstice armor. The crux is that everyone else is looking for the same chests but you do not share the contents. If you were to sit down with a real friend and you work together to find the coffins, you will probably lose out on it because you do not spread out in the search – because here is the other crux: it is time-limited! The chance is that you earn more if you share, but then it will be difficult to reach each other’s coffins.

Stress and frustration. I sincerely hope they have adjusted EAZ to strengthen the community between players and the rewards one SHOULD share.

Of course, Solstice of Heroes is completely voluntary. But like everything else in Destiny, you are brought up to want to do everything. The power of FOMO is strong in this one, and then I do not mean that you miss a fantastically fun activity – because it is as single-track as all other horde modes. Without missing out on visuals that clearly mark your position of power in Destiny 2.

And besides, half the thing is involved Destiny 2 that you look good while shooting monsters.