Preview: Marvel’s Avengers – SENSES

Senses gives the first impression of the beta version of Marvel’s Avengers.

That we at beg Marvel is no secret and when I heard that there would be one Marvel’s Avengersgame so I immediately became curious. The first teaser looked insanely cool and the opportunity to play as several different heroes attracted. Especially when it, now two years old Spider-man, the game is so incredibly good so expectations became sky high even then the developer Crystal Dynamics managed to reboot Tomb Raider so excellent.

Marvel´s Avengers - Square Enix - screenshot Playstation 4 - copyright 2020

This weekend, the developers released Square Enix an open beta version of Marvel‘s Avengers free for two days. So now I got the opportunity to see if it all reaches the hype that was created. This is a beta that is very close to release (September 2) – in just over a week – so it is possible but not likely that the sharp version is far different than this (at release). But we will return with a full review just in time for release.

We are thrown into the plot immediately and there are a bunch of villains who go on Golden Gate-bron. We start as Thor, then we move on to become Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America and then Black Widow. There is no possibility to choose who you want to play as, but it is probably a feature that will be added. The most fun to play that I thought was one of my favorite characters – the Hulk. Precisely because the feeling is there 100 percent to be a three meter long muscle mountain, which is really pissed.

Marvel´s Avengers - Square Enix - screenshot Playstation 4 - copyright 2020

Felt the controls were a bit off and it was both once and twice that I aimed completely wrong when I played as Black Widow. The camera is a bit tough and if you are not accurate, the camera is upright, but not your character, and you shoot in the wrong direction anyway.

This Avengers story is an adventure of its own and is thus not linked to the movies. The characters are recognizable, but they have some differences from their film and comic book version. It feels like the game creators have done something in between, which works well.

Marvel´s Avengers - Square Enix - screenshot Playstation 4 - copyright 2020
Marvel’s Avengers

What works less well is the graphics. It was questioned in advance and the beta did not do much to move that needle. Ugly, dark, blurry and lacks a lot of details. The reason, according to the developers, is that the older generation consoles (PS4 and Xbox One) simply can not handle it and that it will see soooo much better on Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X. The only problem is that the game looks many times worse than, for example, the two years older Spider-Man the game. Can almost say that it looks worse than most games released for Playstation 4 today. So it all feels rather like an ugly cash grab-arguments to get people to buy the new version of the console (although everyone who buys this and a new console should be allowed to upgrade for free).

Marvel´s Avengers - Square Enix - screenshot Playstation 4 - copyright 2020
The graphics lack a lot of sharpness and definition.

Now the beta is not super long and of course not everything is in place, but I still felt a certain boredom quite early. It’s the same thing all the time, fighting with villains, meeting a boss, cutscene. It’s not like in (know I sound like a hooked gramophone record) Insomniacs Spider-man, where you have lots of interesting side quests that in turn have fascinating stories to tell. That feature may come to the finished game, but right now it feels a little simple and boring.

So I’m very divided before Marvel’s Avengersgame. There may be something epic buried in there, but right now I unfortunately feel that the whole thing will not live up to most expectations.