Prices for DDR and SSD will increase sharply this year

It is no secret that there is a shortage of components in all segments, this in turn means that prices for, among other things, DDR memory and SSD can increase sharply.

We get a lot of new technology, new consoles, new graphics cards, new generation processors, etc. But all this is affected in the end when production does not keep up and even less when the pandemic complicates everything further.

There has previously been talk that the price of DDR4 memories would increase by over 50 percent in six months, but for some reason the price seems to have gone down instead but this seems to be able to turn around again, this time more than 50 percent.

Now Digitimes wrote an article that the prices of DRAM circuits will rise by over 20 percent in the second quarter of 2021, DRAM circuits are something that virtually all manufacturers are screaming for as it slows down their production and in turn sales.

When it comes to DDR4 memories, among other things, it is believed that prices will increase by 25 percent, but during the third quarter we can expect an even higher increase.

NAND Flash which is used in SSDs and telephones, among other things, the increase will not be as great, however, we can count on at least 10 percent, however, it seems that higher capacity on SSDs has increasing demand and this in turn can affect prices .

It will be interesting to follow what the development of DDR memories and SSD storage looks like in the future, that prices will increase is probably no secret considering how growing demand is today.