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PS Plus PS5 and PS4 games announced for May 2022

PS Plus PS5 and PS4 games announced for May 2022

The PSPlus The games for May 2022 have been officially announced and, you won’t believe it, but the leak was right. Who saw that coming?

As usual, subscribers get three games on PS5 and PS4. The selection is as follows…

Now, at first glance, it seems like a pretty good month, but most of us here at thrust square They are big football fans. In fact, the inclusion of a sports title, as the main act, no less, is sure to upset some people.

But hey, at least Tribes of Midgard and Curse of the Dead Gods are rated pretty highly. The former is an addictive cooperative action RPG with some survival elements thrown in. Sony even hyped Tribes quite a bit before its release. The latter, meanwhile, is very comparable to something like Hades, a stylized action title that relies on dungeon crawling mechanics.

We thought EA Sports’ soccer simulator was a return to form in our FIFA 22 PS5 Review: “FIFA 22 feels like real football, and is made so much be