PS5: The update 21.02- is here and is playing it mysterious

Sony obviously found something in the PS5’s operating system that needed quick intervention. Indeed, less than two weeks after the release of the latest update, the electronics giant has already released a new update. But don’t expect Sony to go into great detail this time around.

Sony has released the PS5 firmware update 21.02- Players who have not enabled the automatic installation of these updates can therefore download the file now. This update weighs 913.7 MB, which is the same size as the previous one.

Once is not customary, it is unfortunately not accompanied by a detailed description of what it brings. As a simple description, the Japanese manufacturer launches the chorus that players know well:

This system software update improves system performance.

As noted earlier, PS5 firmware updates sometimes go beyond what Sony suggests through such descriptions. However, don’t rely on the official PlayStation website to find out more just yet. At the time of writing, it only evokes the update of October 7. And the above quote is the only indication given about it.

A PS5 update indirectly related to the PS4?

A PS5 bug that was supposed to have been fixed by Sony last February has recently resurfaced. It is therefore possible to wonder if this update 21.02- is not related to this problem.

As a reminder, this bug concerns untimely installations of PS4 versions of cross-gen games. Even after installing the PS5 versions of these titles, users of the consoles affected by this issue will see the PS4 versions continue to be force-installed. With the obvious impact that this has on the storage capacity of the console.

As we supposed at the beginning of the week, the manufacturer perhaps wishes to discreetly eliminate this bug via a generic update. However, it is impossible to say that this is the hidden goal of this update. For lack of more precise communication from Sony, we will have to wait for possible testimonials from people affected by this bug to find out more.

What do you think this update is hiding? Do you think it hides a fix for the bug mentioned above? How would you like more transparency from Sony when it comes to PS5 updates? Tell us all in the comments below.