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One of the best games of the year is as odd as it is wonderful fun.

Psychonauts is undoubtedly a classic, this despite several dubious missteps in control and camera work. When Double Fine makes the second with the players and Microsoft’s millions in the back, there is no doubt left. Psychonauts 2 is one of the hottest, craziest and, most of all, funniest games of the year.

Psychonauts was wonderful, but at the same time it was possible to write a whole essay about the technical mess. Beyond Double Fine’s mentally disturbed but also magically beautiful world, there was a game that time and time again hooked itself. Bumpy camera and imprecise controls in a platform adventure sound like pure frame nightmare, but then Psychonauts focused on the adventure rather than the platforming, we forgave a lot. That is, until the game’s last act that no one can reasonably even have auditioned before release.

Many of us are still suffering from PTSD after the completely sick circus sequence. Imagine the world’s most difficult platform challenges, and add sloppy controls and a camera with psychic breaks. Hood.

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What is it?

The sequel we’ve been waiting for for sixteen years.


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7 years

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Xbox Series X

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