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‘Rainbow Six Siege’ reveals new operator Grim – an attacker with robot bees

‘Rainbow Six Siege’ reveals new operator Grim – an attacker with robot bees

Ubisoft has revealed what lies ahead for Year 7 Season 3 (Y7S3) of Rainbow Six Siege, with highlights including a new operator named Grim and a full-time return for the Stadium map.

First teased in a trailer on Friday (August 19), Grim is an attacking operator from Singapore, with a rating of three speed and one armour. The new operator will arrive on test servers on August 22, with a live release set for September 6.

Grim’s unique piece of kit is the Kawan Hive Launcher – an over-the-shoulder launcher that fires an electronic cannister. When the cannister hits a surface, it opens up to release robotic “bees” that track any enemies in their vicinity. For Grim and his allies, enemies revealed by this ability are tracked and visible through walls in real-time until they move out of the cannister’s range – though several robots will cling to them for a short while after.

Grim’s area-wide tracking ability makes him a “fantastic, aggressive intel gatherer” according to Ubisoft. The studio added that Grim synergises particularly well with attackers like Nomad and Gridlock who can help secure areas; as well as operators like Jackal that can assist in tracking enemy operators.

On the other hand, Grim’s biggest counter is Mute. Mute’s jammer prevents Grim’s cannister from releasing the swarm of robots, and also prevents allies from being tracked by Grim’s swarm.