Rapport points out two percent of the 1000 hottest App Store apps for scams

A new survey conducted by The Washington Post, via Engadget, shows that as many as two percent of the 1,000 most lucrative apps on the App Store are engaged in scams. In total, the apps may have defrauded users of as much as 48 million dollars, corresponding to approximately 397 million kronor.

Among the malicious apps, vpn can be seen lying about the user being infected by a virus, after which they are tricked into buying unnecessary software. The list of malicious apps also includes dating apps, qr readers and apps that were allegedly from big well known companies. Several of the apps must have used fake user ratings to be better visible in the App Store.

“We hold developers to a high standard for the App Store to be a secure and reliable place for customers to download software, and we will always take action against apps that harm users,” Apple spokesman Fred Sainz told The Washington Post and continues:

“Apple leads the industry with methods that put our customers’ safety first, and we will continue to learn, develop our methods and invest the necessary resources to ensure that customers get the best experience.”

Apple will now remove 12 of the 18 flagged apps.

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