Raspberry Pi is temporarily becoming more expensive

Raspberry Pi are known to be mini-computers that can be used for just about anything, as well as at a low price tag. But now they are unfortunately becoming more expensive.

Raspberry Pi will in the future but only temporarily become a little more expensive, the reason you can probably already figure out, lack of components.

There is a huge shortage of components in very many industries and this means that the Raspberry Pi is also affected. This was announced in one blog posts from Eben Upton himself who is the founder of Raspberry Pi. He says, among other things, the following:

As many of you know, global supply chains are in a state of flux as we (hopefully) emerge from the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic. In our own industry, semiconductors are in high demand, and in short supply: the upsurge of demand for electronic products for home working and entertainment during the pandemic has descended into panic buying, as companies try to secure the components that they need to build their products. ”

The models affected are the Raspberry Pi 4 2GB raised from $ 35 to $ 45. The 1GB Raspberry Pi 4 makes a comeback and costs $ 35.

In the blog post, Upton writes that this price increase is only temporary until the lack of components has calmed down, but we do not know exactly how long this will apply at present.