Razer has released a new version of Naga

Naga X is Razer’s new product that retains many buttons, which is a must in, for example, MMORPG but is now also a lightweight.

Razer Naga is a mouse that has more or less become iconic with Razer, now the mouse has received an update in the form of Naga X.

Naga X comes with several new features, among other things, it will only weigh 85 grams, but also what is hidden under the shell, including the switches which will now have a short activation point of only 0.2 ms.

Another news that was quite expected is that the sensor has been replaced, we now find the Razer 5G Advanced Optical Sensor which has a DPI between 800 and 16,000. Naga X also has built-in memory where you can save your profiles easily so you do not have to have this saved on their computer.

Razer Naga X can be purchased now via Razers website and the price tag is 89 euros.

Razer Naga X