Razer is a true true-wireless Hammerhead Pro

Razer continues to invest in true wireless headphones that have the same features as many other headphones in the same price range, not much stands out.

There are a lot of different true wireless headphones to choose from today and new models keep coming, this time it is Razer who wants to show what their top model looks like.

Hammerhead Pro is equipped with noise reduction which is almost a must today. The battery life should be four hours for only the headphones and together with your case you get a battery life of a total of 20 hours. Another must is also to have headphones that are durable and Hammerhead Pro is IPX4 rated.

If you are curious about the Razer Hammerhead Pro, you can buy them right now via Razer’s own website, the price tag is 209 euros, so just over 2,100 kronor.