Razer shows what could be the gaming chair of the future

Razer likes to work with different concepts and so also this time with a gaming chair that has everything you need, including a 60 inch screen.

Razer sometimes has some really interesting ideas but which unfortunately never becomes a reality. Now it’s time again and they show up Project Brooklyn which is a gaming chair with haptic feedback and all this should of course be connected to a 60 inch screen.

Not only is the screen as large as it is, it is an OLED panel that you can roll out when it’s time to start playing. The screen will support being able to connect several sources such as PCs and various consoles.

This may indeed be the optimal solution to have a chair, desk and screen in one, but whether this will ever become a reality remains to be seen. If we now really get to see Project Brooklyn become a reality, it may take a few years and at a fairly juicy price tag.