Report: Anthem’s fate will be decided this week

Bioware’s problematic pilot shooters Anthem released just over two years ago, to the tunes of rarely seen disappointment (review). The work with Anthem 2.0, a really refined reboot, however, was started in the autumn of 2019, although the signs of life have since been few and very scattered. Now, however, things are happening!

Bloomberg’s playwright Jason Schreier (who was also first out with the news about Anthem 2.0) reports namely that Anthems fate will be decided this week. The options appear to be two; either the publishers Electronic Arts will close the project or they will expand the development team, which currently consists of 30 employees. However, people who are “familiar with the project” claim that you should triple that number to be able to produce new content and continue to try to save the game. Will EA really agree?

We learn to have reason to return to Anthems be or not be soon.