Resident Evil 4 turned into a “PSOne game,” it’s playable and it’s awesome

Capcom requires, Resident Evil 4 did not stay very long on its original console, Nintendo’s GameCube. Since then, the legendary game of Shinji Mikami has been entitled to many ports, new versions and other remasterings. Recently, Capcom even turned it into a virtual reality game. And there is a serious rumor about the start of a remake. But while Capcom has its eye on new technology, a Resident Evil 4 fan has decided to take the game the opposite route.

What might have looked like Resident Evil 4 if it was released on PSOne? This is the question that “Rustic Games BR. “Behind this pseudonym hides a developer who has undertaken to demake Resident Evil 4. For a totally bluffing result.

Resident Evil 4: PS1 Edition gives an idea of ​​what RE4 could have been if Capcom had developed it on PSOne. It’s all there: fixed camera angles, tank-like gameplay, low-poly characters, storage boxes, and more.

Party like it’s 1999

Visibly invested with the desire to do well, the developer even associated the sound effects of the original games with the dialogues of RE4. Even the game’s interface is reminiscent of that of the original Resident Evil trilogy. Over time, Resident Evil has enjoyed a number of PC fan games. Resident Evil 4: PS1 Edition appears clearly at the top of the basket.

Unsurprisingly, this experience doesn’t really run on an original PlayStation. The demo runs here using a PC. But the good news in this story is that it allows more players to try it out.

Resident Evil 4 PSOne doomed to remain only a demo?

Well aware of the attraction that his project can generate, “Rustic Games BR“allows you to try your Resident Evil 4: PS1 Edition. To get the demo for free, just go to at this address.

Leon in a bad position in Resident Evil 4: PS1 Edition.

Unfortunately for those who are not attracted to this project, “Rustic Games BR“does not plan to transform the entire game. We will therefore have to be content with this demo of its Resident Evil 4 demake. Unless the buzz around the project pushes its developer to go further …

What do you think of this “PSOne” version of Resident Evil 4? Are you going to try it? How would you like the concept to be turned into a full game? Do you regret the style of the original Resident Evil trilogy? Tell us all in the comments below.