Resident Evil developer confirms data breach – M3

Game developer Capcom, known for Resident Evil and Street Fighter, among others, now confirms that they had a data breach where attackers stole both customer data and the company’s internal files, reported Techcrunch.

The increase is said to have taken place through a Ragnar Locker ransomware attack earlier in November. In total, up to 350,000 customers may be affected. Information that may have been leaked includes name, address, telephone number and in some cases even date of birth.

Exactly how much data was leaked is uncertain because Capcom also got rid of its own internal logs in the attack. Capcom apologizes for any complications that may arise as a result.

No credit card information should be affected as this is handled by a third party.

The attack also stole Capcom’s own financial data and files on current and former employees, complete with name, address, date of birth and photo. Secret company information must also have been taken, such as documents on sales, development and partners.

Capcom will inform data regulators in Japan and the United Kingdom about the data breach in accordance with the rules of the GDPR.

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