Resident Evil Village has been given a release date

Capcom has now through its Resident Evil event confirmed when Resident Evil Village and that we get to take part in a demo, already today!

An online event that has all the focus on Resident Evil never hurts and that was exactly what Capcom had last night. At this event, we more or less knew that one of the highlights was that we should know when the game will be released and now we know.

Resident Evil Village is released on Playstation 4 and as a free update to Playstation 5 on May 7. We already know that Resident Evil Village will also be released on Xbox, but whether it is the same date remains to be seen.

But not only did we get a date, Capcom has now released an exclusive demo for Playstation 5. This demo contains no battles or so, you play as “Maiden” instead of the protagonist Ethan Winters as you will do in the full version of the game.

There will be another demo later this spring which is not exclusive and probably shows a little more fighting then. The demo now for PS5 is more like a demo that will show what the game is for and how graphically impressive it is.